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Micro Focus File Reporter 3.0.2

(January 9, 2017)

This maintenance release includes bug fixes introduced in a previously-released 3.0.1 patch, as well as new bug fixes. It also includes a PostgreSQL driver update, as well as an update to Open SSL. For a detailed description of all bug fixes and updates, as well as all known issues, refer to the File Reporter 3.0.2 Release Notes located on the File Reporter documentation page.

Micro Focus File Reporter 3.0

(July 19, 2016)

As is customary with File Reporter product releases, File Reporter 3.0 introduces both performance and product enhancements that customers will want to utilize right away.

Product Rebranding
File Reporter 3.0 is completely rebranded as a Micro Focus product. Installation wizards, login screens, and even the licensing site has been given a Micro Focus branding makeover.

Dramatically Improved Performance
The introduction of a new .NET application called the Scan Processor greatly speeds up the time it takes to insert a scan into the database. Additionally, the Engine does not need to decompress scans. Both of these developments make it possible to generate more scans and reports during a given segment of time.

New Analytics Tools
Previously offered as "Technology Preview" applications, these impressive graphical analysis tools have been fully developed and are now included with the Client Tools. Analytics tools include a Dashboard, Pivot Grid, and Tree Map.

The Dashboard

The Pivot Grid

The Tree Map

Novell File Reporter 2.6.1

(August 28, 2015)

Novell File Reporter 2.6.1 provides performance improvements, expanded support for EMC Isilon NAS devices, and a variety of bug fixes.

Performance Improvements
Minor improvements in error reporting were made for the Custom Query web editor and the Report Branding dialog. Minor logging updates were added to the Agent for identification of failed target paths on scan failure.

Expanded Support for EMC Isilon NAS Devices
EMC Isilon NAS devices configured as a cluster with SmartConnect mode enabled is now supported.

Bug Fixes
Version 2.6.1 includes a variety of bug fixes. For a detailed list of each, refer to the product Release Notes.

Novell File Reporter 2.6.0

(April 29, 2015)

Highlighting the notable new features and enhancements in Novell File Reporter 2.6 are the ability to keep multiple scans of a storage resource, new Historic Comparison reports, the ability to copy a report definition, the ability to delete a scan immediately, and updates to the Report Designer.

Baseline and Previous Scans
Previous versions of Novell File Reporter 2 let you keep only the most recent File System and Permissions scans of a storage resource. With the release of Version 2.6, you can now designate a particular scan to be retained as a "Baseline scan" and keep the existing scan as a "Previous scan". This means that you can now retain up to three scans for each storage resource: a Baseline scan, a Previous scan, and a "Current scan". Any combination of two scans are the means of generating new built-in Historic Comparison reports being introduced in Version 2.6.

Historic Comparison Reports
This new built-in report lets you view the changes to a storage resource through a comparison of any two of the following scans: Baseline, Previous, or Current.
Historic Comparison reports include:

  • Historic File System Comparison reports
  • Historic NCP Permissions Comparison reports
  • Historic NTFS Permissions Comparison reports

Graphical summary content from a sample Historic File System Comparison report.

Detailed content from a sample Historic File System Comparison report.

Changes in trustee rights detailed in a sample Historic NCP Permissions Comparison report.