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Novell File Reporter "Heartbleed Fix"

(April 15, 2014)

This new build includes OpenSSL version 1.0.1g-which is a fix for the "Heartbleed" vulnerability that can expose encrypted data being transmitted between components and a web browser. Novell recommends that all Novell File Reporter 2.x customers update to this version, which is available for download here.

Novell File Reporter Update Released

(March 27, 2014)

IMPORTANT: This release addresses an important issue regarding the cleanup of old scan data, as well as a fix for collection of eDirectory rights in permissions scans.

Novell recommends that all File Reporter 2.x customers upgrade to Version

For specific information on the fixes in File Reporter, refer to the updated Release Notes.

To download the new ISO, click here.

Novell File Reporter 2.0.2 Released

(February 19, 2014)

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012
With the release of Novell File Reporter 2.0.2, supported databases now include both PostgreSQL 9.2.x and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

NFR Databases

Information If your plans for upgrading to Novell File Reporter 2.0.2 include switching from the PostgreSQL database to a Microsoft SQL Server database, there is currently no migration utility available for migrating the database content.

For procedures on properly cofiguring a new SQL Server 2012 instance that is compatible with Novell File Reporter, refer to Chapter 5 of the Novell File Reporter 2.0.2 Installation Guide

Configuration Dashboard
A new configuration dashboard is the the means of managing the product licensing and sequentially configuring and administering the database, NFR Engine, and Web Application.

NFR Configuration Dashboard

Reporting on Microsoft Administrative Shares
Novell File Reporter can now report on administrative and shares in the Windows file systems.

NFR Administrative Shares

Support for Microsoft Server 2012 R2
Novell File Reporter 2.0.2 fully supports Microsoft Server 2012 R2.

Novell File Reporter 2.0.1 Released

(May 13, 2013)

Novell File Reporter 2.0.1 includes the following new features:

Advanced Filtering
You can now use advanced filtering capabilities for all File Data reports. The new Filters tab in the Report Definitions Editor allows you to specify one or more Boolean search conditions, or you can specify date-based search conditions.

Microsoft DFS Namespace Support
Novell File Reporter now presents DFS (Distributed File System) namespaces as available storage resources that can be reported on.

Directory Quota Scanning for Windows Shares from NFR Agents
NFR Agents can now scan Windows shares for directory quotas.

Novell File Reporter 2.0.0 Released

(Jan 18, 2013)

Novell File Reporter 2.0 is a significant upgrade from Novell File Reporter 1. To provide for new and future capabilities of the product, along with the extensive performance enhancements, Novell File Reporter 2 features:

  • A completely new architecture built on rewritten code
  • A new reporting framework
  • The PostgreSQL database
  • The NFR Engine with an architecture that is common with Novell Storage Manager
  • Integration with eDirectory and Active Directory

Administration: The NFRAdmin management tool has been replaced in Version 2.0 with a Web browser-based interface.

NFR Home Page Picture

Scans: Like Version 1, Novell File Reporter 2.0 conducts scans of storage resources. However, Version 2.0 keeps only the latest version of a scan for each storage resource. In other words, Novell File Reporter no longer keeps multiple versions of scans for each storage resource.

NFR New Scan Policy Picture

Reports: In addition to the extensive file data reports of Version 1, Novell File Reporter 2 introduces reports on permissions, folder data, trending, and more detailed reporting on file data. Because Novell File Reporter 2.0 no longer keeps multiple scans of a storage resource, Comparison reports no longer compare the file content of the storage resource between two scans; instead, they now compare two selected folders on the network.

NFR Top Ten Report Picture

Note: Novell Storage Manager 3.1 was also released today. Novell Storage Manager 3.1 is an integrated product update that supports Novell File Reporter 2.0 by allowing Novell File Reporter 2.0 to report on Novell Storage Manager 3.1 policies.